7 Tips on Getting Tailor Made Clothes in Hoi An, Vietnam

Here are a few tips I have for you if you ever head to Hoi An, Vietnam to have clothes made:

  1. Come with a photo with an idea of what you would like to have made. You can download it onto your phone or even bring a print from a magazine. Some tailors will even allow you to send them an e-mail. When I got my dresses made, I saved multiple ideas from Pinterest, showed her the picture and she made it!
  2. Shop around. No two tailors are the same.
  3. Download Grab taxi, it’s like Asia’s version of Uber. It’s ridiculously cheap. They even have bikes!
  4. If your hotel/homestay refers a tailor to you, check it out but always keep in mind that they most likely get a cut of any sales that they make off of you
  5. If someone gives you a discount card, they’re getting a commission which in turn usually means the garment will be overpriced
  6. Plan to stay a few days as the clothes may take longer than you expected. If any changes need to be made to your garment you’ll need some extra time
  7. Speak up! If you don’t like your garment or the fit speak now because you don’t want to be stuck with a crappy garment
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