Hanoi to Sapa: 2 Days and 1 Night Trekking in Sapa & Ta Van, Vietnam


Julia and I booked a 2 days and 1-night trekking tour in Sapa, Vietnam through our hostel in Hanoi called Republik Backpackers. Our tour cost us $75 USD each which included our bus to and from Sapa, our homestay, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Our Itinerary:

First night
Our first night we left from Hanoi to Sapa in a sleeper bus at 9 pm.

Day 1
We arrived in Sapa by sleeper bus at 6 am where we waited for a van taxi to bring us to our homestay H’mong the Hills Rice Field Lounge House. When we arrived at our homestay we dropped off our bags, took a shower and had a large breakfast. After breakfast, our tour guide explained where we would be trekking and we were then off on our 11 km tour.

During our tour we were accompanied by locals who assisted us during the hike, it would not have been easy doing it alone. Halfway through the tour, we said bye to the locals who then asked us to purchase their goods. We then stopped at a local restaurant to have lunch and take more photos.

After our lunch break, we continued on our hike with our guide who brought us to Y Ling Ho village and then headed back to our homestay H’mong the Hills Rice Field Lounge House where we had dinner later that evening.

Day 2
We woke up to a lovely breakfast and our tour guide explained our 7 km trek. We trekked through Seo Mi Ti village and Giang Ta Chai’s waterfall. We had a chance to stop for photos before heading back to our homestay.

When we arrived back at our homestay we had lunch prepared for us. After lunch, we packed our stuff and waited for our van taxi to bring us back to the bus stop. Since we were dropped off early, this was supposed to be our chance to walk through the town to get souvenirs, but since it was raining we went into a coffee shop until it was time to go. At 4 pm we jumped on the sleeper bus and made our way back to Hanoi, we arrived at 10 pm.

10 things you should bring while trekking in Sapa

1. Bring money to buy gifts from the locals. You will be asked wherever you go to purchase something.
2. Pack rain gear such as rain boots and a poncho because rain is very common
3. Pack some water because it can be quite some time before you have access to purchase bottled water
4. Pack a snack, you’ll be burning quite a bit of calories.
5. Bring a small towel, whether it be to wipe your sweat or clean yourself off
6. Pack a bottle of sunscreen as the sun can be very hot
7. Pack bug spray since you will be trekking through forests, and bodies of water
8. If trekking without a tour guide purchase your permit and bring it with you
9. Pack extra clothes and shoes, you can get very dirty after each trek
10. Pack a small bag to carry all your items.

Bonus: Pack a camera of course! The views are absolutely breathtaking

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