Questions You Need to Ask Before Signing an ESL Contract


  1. How many days would I be expected to work each week?
  2. Would I have to work Saturdays and/or Sundays, and if so, which days would I have off during the week?
  3. What would my teaching schedule be like for the week – start and finish times? Are there any split shifts? And how many additional hours would I be required to be on site?
  4. What is the hourly overtime rate?
  5. Who will arrange my income tax; my employer or me? What are the taxation rules of the country?
  6. Approximately how many events per month are teachers required to attend outside of normal working hours (teachers’ meetings, parents’ meetings, festival’s, activities, etc.)? Will I be compensated?
  7. How many national holidays are teachers entitled to per year?
  8. How many vacation days are there per year? Are they scheduled by the school or requested by the employee?
  9. Am I able to take sick days/sick leave? How many days? Are they paid or unpaid?
  10. Would the school sponsor me for any necessary legal documentation including teacher’s license, work permit and visa extension?
  11. Will my plane ticket be reimbursed?
  12. Will a bank account be set up for me once I arrive?
  13. How will I be paid? Cash, cheque or direct deposit?
  14. How many school locations am I expected to be working at?
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