Survey – 100 People Tell You The Best Way To Save For Your Next Adventure

I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails and messages lately regarding the easiest way to save for travel. Although I have my system which consists of many different methods, I was curious to see how other people do it as well. With that being said, I decided to survey 100 individuals to find out what system they use in order to save for their next adventure.

Below is a pie chart of the results and some comments from a few of the individuals who took the survey.


Set up an Automatic Transfer to Savings Account 19%

“I have it set up so that a portion of my pay cheque is allocated to a separate savings account, I don’t miss the money because I expect to have only a certain amount deposited into my chequing account on payday”

Eat out Less 18%

“I’m a foodie which means the majority of my money goes to eating out. Once I know I’m preparing for a trip I begin to eat out less. I prepare lunches for work (which I dread) but it saves me over $50 a week alone”

Shop Less 16%

“I think twice before purchasing something, I have to decide whether what I’m going to buy is a need or a want. I’ll even go as far as avoiding shopping malls if I have to”

Other 14 %

“Look for real cheap accommodations if desperate or squeeze in more items/locations into one day and get less sleep but cut my overall travel days”

“Use a travel point credit card to accumulate points to pay for my flights. Also book flights with a Cashback site so I get extra money back in my pocket to spend elsewhere”

“Wait for taxes!!!”

All the Above 10%

Work Overtime 7%

“Plugging in those extra hours when preparing for travel makes it all worth it when the day comes”

Work More Than One Job 7%

“I have my career and I have my side hustle which is mainly to save money for travel. I work around 8-15 hours a week at my other job but I can save at least $100 a week by just working there, thats $400/month”

Cut Down on Entertainment 5%

“When my friends ask me to go out I have to politely decline and let them know I’m saving to go on a trip. I’d rather buy a $13 bottle of wine, put on some Netflix or have people over rather than spend a ton of money going out”

Live at Home and not Paying Rent/Mortgage 3%

“I’m happy I can still live at home. The $1000+ I could be paying for rent is going into my savings account. I’m not suggesting everyone should mooch off their parents but at least help them out with the bills if you’re able to still live at home”

Take Public Transit 1%

“Although I would love to own a car, gas and insurance is expensive, especially when you live in the city. I’d rather pay $147 a month for unlimited travel on the transit than have to worry about finding money to pay for car insurance and gas”

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