How to Keep Your Money Safe While Traveling Abroad

This past year I have been a victim to both my money being stolen as well as my debit card being compromised. While traveling in Malaysia the cash I was traveling with disappeared and just recently I had to inform my bank of the many foreign fee’s and transactions that have shown up on my statement while I am here in Canada.

Once those things happened I found myself playing the victim role asking myself and others questions like “what did I do wrong?” “what did I do to deserve this?” “I worked so hard”. As I broke down on the phone, my grandmother  reminded that money is just money and I should be thankful that I’m still alive, sometimes in these moments we often focus too much on the negatives that are happening instead of really counting our blessings.

With those incidents in mind I know that it can happen to anyone so I wanted to give you some simple tips that I’ve learned so that we can avoid being victims of theft.

1.When traveling with cash always place your money in more than one place.

2.One great thing I’ve seen many people travel with is a money belt which you can place underneath your clothes. You can purchase one here: RFID Money Belt For Travel with 1x Passport and 6x Credit Card Protector RFID Sleeves

3. Inform your bank and credit card company about any traveling you’ll be doing. Give them the locations and the dates.

4.Be creative when storing cash in your clothing, ladies bra’s aren’t just to keep your tatas looking good you know? You could even try sewing secret pockets on the inside of your pants

5.Try to avoid using plastic as much as possible. Check your statements on the regular, if you see any suspicious activity on your account inform the bank immediately.

6. Have an extra wallet on you. Why? If someone comes to rob you, you can give them the extra wallet. Place things inside like expired cards and a few dollar bills

7.Never flash cash. Avoid carrying large sums of money or even bills that have large denominations.

8.If you do choose to use an ATM machine, avoid ones in secluded areas.

9.No safe in your hotel room? Those pretty framed photos on the walls are great for storing cash or any small travel documents behind, just try not to forget they’re there.

10. Stash your cash in multiple places. Try places like inside your suitcase, inside a pair of shoes, inside a camera bag etc.


Do you have any tips to add to this list? Let me know below! 

Stay Restless my friends!

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