Brendan Street: His Restless Feet

Brendan Street was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and absolutely loves his city. The moment you step into Brendan’s place there is no questioning his love for travel. His various globes, the art pieces that line his wall and of course the large map in his bedroom which consists of many markings of the places he’s visited throughout his life. It’s the kind of environment that makes any travellers heart melt and want to kick about for awhile to learn more about his adventures.

Brendan Street


When did you start getting Restless Feet?

I’ve always had a passion for travel for as long as I can remember. In grade 11 my Drama teacher planned and organized a class trip to London, England which really opened my eyes to the rest of the world outside of North America and I’ve never looked back

What destination is top of your bucket list?

This is a difficult question because the world is filled with so many different/beautiful countries. Africa has always intrigued me, specifically the south and west parts of the continent. More recently I’ve taken an interest in Thailand. I know a lot of people that have visited Thailand and they had nothing but positive things to say about the country

What is your most unforgettable memory whilst traveling?

Another difficult question to answer. I definitely have lots of unforgettable memories from my travels but I’ll mention just one. A few years ago I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel to Honduras on a volunteer trip to help build a wall around a school as well as a playground for the children of the school and the community. This was the first time I experienced life in a third world country and it was incredible.These people and children literally have nothing. They live in small rundown clay houses and can’t afford toothpaste to brush their teeth, yet they are so happy and positive all the time. I’ll never forget the two weeks I spent in Honduras and the affect it had on me. Saying goodbye to the kids and the people of the community was extremely difficult and unforgettable at the same time.

Brendan and Group

If you could pick any city to be confined to, where would you pick?

Can I pick Toronto? Toronto is a pretty awesome city if I had to be stuck here for the rest of my days. It’s also home. If not Toronto, I guess I’d have to say Vancouver. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a east coaster for life and Toronto>Vancouver, but the west coast is still beautiful and I have family out there.

Toronto VS Everybody

Fill in the blank: My least favourite city I’ve been to was…

Cincinnati, Ohio. I visited Cincinnati back in November 2014 with three friends for our “cold weather” football trip, as we like to call it.We stayed in a hotel right in the downtown core and immediately it felt like I was in Detroit. The city was virtually empty, there weren’t many restaurants or bars, and there wasn’t much nightlife. Similar to Detroit, everybody has moved away from the city centre and businesses are beginning to fail. Cincinnati isn’t as bad as Detroit yet, but in 5 to 10 years my guess is it will appear awfully similar.

What allows you to travel so often?

First and foremost it’s my love of travel and my desire to see and experience new things. I’m so grateful that I do possess this love because I can’t imagine staying in one place forever. There are too many places to see in this world. Financially what allows me to travel is the fact that I’ve worked for a airline for the past six years. One of the perks of working for a airline is the incredibly discounted travel that we have access to. Along with the actual airline that employs me, I have access to travel with several other airlines in the world at a reduced rate as well. Whenever I’m about to leave on a trip I always have to remind myself how fortunate I am that I have this ability.

Brendan in Ohio

How many countries and continents have you been to?

Canada and The United States aside, I’ve been to 12 countries spanning four continents. They are, in chronological order, as follows;England, Greece, Turkey, China, Hong Kong, Cuba, Iceland, France, Honduras, Finland, Estonia, Denmark




If you could travel with anyone in the world for 10 days and never hear from them again, who would it be?

This is a difficult question because there are so many amazing people in the world.The first person that popped into my head was Drake, so we’ll go with him. For those 10 days I’d be able to live the life of the rich and famous. I don’t believe this is something that I’d want for a lifetime, but for 10 days it would be quite the experience. And of course not to mention that he is the 6 god!

You’re stranded on a boat, you have only 5 artists on your iPod, who would they be?

I like all kinds of music so I would have a range of different music/artists.My five would be; Drake (obviously), The Beatles, Avicii, Zac Brown Band, and Eminem

What is your favourite foreign curse word or phrase?

To be honest I really don’t know many curse words or phrases in another language. I do know how to say “shit” in French and Spanish so I’ll go with that.“Shit” translates to “merde” and “mierda” in French and Spanish respectively.


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