Quick Tips: 7 Things You Should Avoid Doing While in China

As an expat in China there were quite a few things I had to learn in regards to things I should avoid doing while living in this country.

1. Do not wear shoes in someone else’s house. As a guest you will most likely be given a pair of slippers.
2.Do not flush toilet paper down the toilet. More than likely it will get clogged, chances are if you’re in a public bathroom there will be a bin next to you to discard of the toilet paper. In some hotels this may not be the case as they are used to having tourists.
3.Do not do drugs or carry a gun. If you’re caught you will either be deported or be sent to prison
4.Do not stick your chopsticks upright in a bowl of rice. It looks similar to incenses which are usually burnt for the dead
5. Avoid controversial topics related to politics, sexuality and human rights
6. It isn’t necessary to tip when you’re at a restaurant. Your server will most likely reject your tip or appear to look confused
7. Try to avoid addressing someone older than you by their first name


Do you have anymore tips? Let me know below!

Stay Restless my friends!

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