Their Little Feet: Visiting Bali Orphanages


On my recent trip to Bali I was able to connect with an amazing organization by the name of Gapper. Gapper is based out of china and their main focus is voluntourism, which is something that hit’s close to my heart. They show that you can travel but help those around you and give back at the same time.

Gapper Volunteers

During this time Chris and I were able to visit two different orphanages, the first one was an orphanage for children with disabilities by the name of Ikang Papa Foundation which is located in Gianyar, Bali. They shared their amazing stories with us using sign language and we left with a feeling of gratitude and love in our hearts.

The second orphanage was Yapanatim, it housed over 150 children of varying age groups who lived, prayed and studied there. We were immediately greeted with shy smiles and loving hearts. We learned that the boys and girls living areas of the compound were separate and sometimes up to 13 kids can sleep in the same room.

Ikaang Papa Foundation
Ikaang Papa Foundation

As our journey continued to learn more about the children who live in Bali we also had the opportunity to attend and be apart of programs that were dedicated to teaching English.

Chris with Children 375A6759

During our time in Bali we got to experience so many amazing things but I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to meet all these kids and work with so many wonderful people.

Stay Restless my friends!

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