The Best Way to Sneak in 2 or More Destinations Into a Single Trip

There’s a plethora of great travel sites out there, however, for the past year I’ve been obsessed with one in particular, The difference between Quest Organizer and other travel sites is it allows you to build great flight deals, visiting between 2-3 destinations, for the same or cheaper price than single destination trips offered by other sites. It accomplishes this by using multiple one-way flight routes; others focus on finding the customer direct flights. What their users enjoy most is the ability to create personalized stopovers allowing them to choose multiple places to visit for a desired amount of time until they’re ready to complete the journey to their final destination. This makes the flight a better value for the overall cost. Most travelers, like myself, would want to see more than one destination, especially if it costs them nearly next to nothing to do so.  

Flight example

Flight from Los Angeles to Paris from September 18-28 for $1,146.74
We added 3 day stopovers in Barcelona, Spain and Copenhagen, Denmark

For the same date, origin and destination this is what I found on other travel websites

Expedia: $1,546
Travelocity:  $1,546
Google Flights: $1,548

I’ve spent countless hours planning my dream getaways and adventure destinations using this site and honestly I’ve already gotten my family and friends hooked. If you’re like me and want to see the rest of the world, but also thoroughly enjoy traveling for cheap, visit me know how long you’ve spent planning your dream vacations.

Stay Restless my friends!


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