Kisha Monique: Her Restless Feet

Kisha Monique is an international school counselor who is currently located in Guangzhou, China. Kisha who also goes by the nickname Keesh comes from American/Jamaican roots which pretty much sealed the deal when we first became friends. Her restless feet have led her to amazing places and furthermore she will be heading to Nigeria this upcoming summer to share her knowledge and grace as a school counselor there.

Kisha Monique

What is it like travelling as a black woman?

Traveling as a black woman has been both empowering and liberating for me. I get a lot of attention from the locals and at times surprised looks from the white tourists, as if I shouldn’t be there. I’m grateful that with each new country I visit the people are always nice to me.

How many places have you traveled to?

So far I’ve been to 20 different places and I’m praying God will allow me to see a few more.
Asia: China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Macao, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand
Europe: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden
North America: Bermuda, Canada, Jamaica, United States

Kisha in India

Where are your top 3 destinations?

My top 3 destinations are Jamaica, India, and Boracay

During my travels I don’t see enough black people

I find that some of the places I visit white people look at me as if they’re surprised to see me there. The locals are equally surprised but always tell me how happy they are to see me and tend to feel more comfortable around me than the white tourists.  I think if more people of color traveled more these surprised looks would happen less.

What do you miss the most while living abroad?

The thing I miss the most while living abroad are my family and friends.  Although I’m able to speak to them via Skype and Facebook, I really miss spending time with them.  Oh yeah…fling in some oxtail and rice and peas too! I miss all of that!


If you were confined to one country for the rest of your life, where would it be?

Hmm…this is a great question! I wouldn’t mind being confined to the Philippines for the rest of my life.  The people are super friendly and the country is absolutely breathtaking! Visiting many of the different islands in the Philippines reminds me so much of Jamaica.

Kisha in Thailand
Kisha in Boracay

What language would you like to be fluent in?


I would love to be fluent in French. There’s something incredibly romantic and captivating about it.  Shoot Idris Elba could be whispering the word cheese in French and it would still be sexy! Lol.

What allows you to travel so often?


I’d have to say location and time. Working as an international high school counselor my school has a great abundance of holidays, which enables me to travel as much as I do.


Top spot in the world that you haven’t been to yet?

My top spot in the world would be Ghana.  As a lover of history I’ve studied so many things about Ghana from the slave trade to its up and coming technology and fashion scene in Accra.  I’ve become quite addicted to watching the Youtube web series “An African City” and with each episode Ghana keeps calling my name.  My second destination would be Cuba.

What is the best piece of traveling advice you can give people?

Stop waiting for others to go with you and just go on your own! Far too often people allow great opportunities to pass them by all because they’re waiting for someone to go with them.  #BookDatIsh


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Kisha in Thailand


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