Exploring Bali’s Rice Terraces


The Tellalagang Rice Terraces are one of Bali’s biggest attractions. These larger than life rice paddies are a sight for sore eyes. Seeing these beautiful images from my computer screen wasn’t enough, I knew this is one place I had to visit while in Asia.

Rice Terraces

375A6574 Rice Terrace Worker
The Tellalagang Rice Terraces are a 15 minute drive from Ubud central, we opted to rent a scooter rather than hiring a driver to take us there. Renting a scooter was a more economical decision, we paid 70,000 IDR which is equivalent to $7 USD for 4 hours. Renting the scooter allowed us to take our time and even explore the various regions in the Ubud area of Bali.

Chris on Rice Terrace

Once we arrived, like in most tourist ridden places we were approached by many locals trying to sell souvenirs. We decided to stop at the restaurant Rice Terrace Cafe to grab a drink since we were pretty dehydrated from our journey through the hot sun. I ordered a fresh coconut and my friend Chris ordered a beer and an appetizer. Although the restaurant was pretty busy it took quite a while for us to get our orders and when I say awhile we waited for over 45 minutes, I almost passed out from being dehydrated.

Kaila and Chris in Rice Terrace Restaurant

After we left the restaurant I found it to be a bit tricky to find the entrance to get over to the other side of the paddies, it took about 6 minutes of walking back and forth until we were directed in the right direction. Once we arrived on the other side, I found myself to be pretty disappointed due to the fact that I had hoped to the see the lush green from the rice growing but since the rice had been harvested we saw quite a bit of brown amidst the green rice field. Prior to arriving I was warned by some friends and other travel sites that you’ll be asked to pay an entrance fee along the way and as well as other locals asking for donations and as promised the higher we climbed we came across that exact scenario. We both paid 10,000 for the entrance fee and later on made a donation to another lady who was closer to the top.


Since we had arrived midday I had expected it to be packed with tourists, although that wasn’t the case for us I still told myself that the next time I make my way over to Bali I will go very early in the morning so I can capture some beautiful images.

Stay Restless my friends!


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