Ubud Monkey Forest in Bali


When I mentioned I wanted to go to Bali my friend Chris was immediately on board. He mentioned that we needed to visit the Ubud Monkey Forest also known as Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary.  The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is located in Central Ubud so once we were done exploring Kuta, Bali the first place we went to was the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. The entrance fee is 40,000 IDR per adult to enter which is equivalent to less than $4.00 Canadian.

Mother holding baby monkey

Prior to entering the park you’re warned to keep all loose articles out of sight because the monkeys can be quite cheeky and decide to take your belongings. Once you enter you’re able to purchase bananas to feed the little guys, a small bunch will set you back 20,000 IDR and a large bunch will cost 50,000 IDR. Purchasing the bananas is a great way to get a photo with a monkey or a few monkeys on your shoulder.

Monkey playing with stick

We found out quickly that you really don’t need any bananas to get the monkeys to sit on you or climb on you. While Chris was filming me a monkey decided to climb on his left shoulder and place his hands on his head. Another instance was when I was walking I had a monkey climb on top of my camera bag and try to open it up. You can see it all in my video Ubud Monkey Forest in Bali.

Chris with Monkey
Kaila with Monkey

We decided to visit the park twice because we really enjoyed it the first time around. It was a short walk from Ubud Central which wasn’t far from our beautiful hotel Puri Sunia Resort. Our hotel offered a free shuttle service to Ubud Central which was very convenient for us. I became instantly intrigued by the adorable baby monkeys and how similar these Macaque monkeys were to human beings.

Eye contact with Kaila! New born being fed

Stay Restless my friends!




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