Teaching English to Children in China


When anyone enters the ESL market the first place that is usually recommended to an individual is China.

Learning English as a second language in China is highly encouraged due to the fact that this skill can open more doors to travel and work abroad in the future. China is currently one of the best options for first time ESL-teachers and offers an abundance of teaching opportunities.

When I completed my TESOL course with Oxford Seminars, China was on the top of my list as one of the places I would have wanted to teach and to be honest, it wasn’t that difficult to get a placement.

I learned that in China English teachers can expect to make between 6000-16,000 RMB a month ($1273-$3396 CAD) but some international schools can pay up to $30,000 RMB a month which is equivalent to $6369 CAD.

I usually teach a maximum of 20 hours a week with two days off. My class sizes ranging from 4-25 students.

So how did I start teaching?

I started by signing up with https://www.oxfordseminars.com/ to get my TESOL/TESL certification to teach. I took their 3 week course which was held on the weekends and got my certification. Afterwards I went online and did the 40 hour online component.

Once I completed both parts they immediately put me in touch with an advisor who then helped me update my resume and cover letter. Once that’s all done I chose my top 3 locations where I wanted to teach. The advisor then put me touch with recruiters for each country who then sent out my resume and cover letter to potential schools in the locations I chose.

The schools then had an interview with me via Skype and if they liked me they sent me a contract to review and sign.

Check out my video below for what a typical Saturday and Sunday looks like for me teaching in Harbin, China

Stay Restless my friends!

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