A Day on the Town


Hey friends!

Today marks 8 months since I left Toronto to come to Harbin, China…wow.

I’ve met quite a few other foreigners in the past few months. Since I’m the only foreign teacher at the two locations for my school there were weeks where I would go without even seeing a single foreign face. For months I didn’t see a single foreigner in my neighbourhood, until one day I came across a married couple by the name of Howard and Faythe from California who are both retired but decided they wanted to continue teaching on a part-time basis so they moved to Harbin. They’re so lovely and they live down the street from me.

Anyways, since that day I’ve met so many wonderful people, other foreign teachers, and students from all over the world. Each one of these individuals have helped me feel more comfortable living abroad.

Anyways, I made a short video of my day with some of my new friends.

Check it out!

Stay Restless my friends!

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