Island Hopping in The Philippines: Palawan


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During my Island Hopping Adventure in the Philippines my last stop was in Palawan. It was my longest stop and my absolute favorite. When I was first introduced to Palawan by my former co-worker Patricia all I saw on my Google search was the stunning turquoise water and limestone cliffs and that’s exactly what you get when you arrive in El Nido, Palawan.

My friend Scott from EvolvePilates & Holistic Health who I had traveled with to Tokyo and Okinawa in 2014 had agreed to meet up with me for this part of my journey. We had decided to meet up in Puerto Princesa and make our way over to El Nido. We didn’t fly directly to El Nido because we had originally wanted to visit the famous Underground River in Puerto Princesa but unfortunately that did not happen.

The next day we took a van over to El Nido, which cost 700 pesos per person ($20 CAD). There were about 7 other people accompanying us in the van. The drive to El Nido took about 6 hours; I slept the majority of the time so it didn’t feel that long to me. If I ever decide to visit El Nido again I will definitely fly directly to El Nido Airport.

When we arrived we stayed at St. John Island View Pensionne for 2 days but realized it was a bit far from town so we changed locations and found a more basic and cheaper accommodation in town, where we stayed for the remainder of our trip called Cliff Side Cottages.  As we were looking for a new place to stay we quickly realized that many of the accommodations in El Nido were not listed on websites such as Expedia and Agoda so it was easy to walk into a hotel, resort or hostel and find an available room, especially during low season.

As soon as you arrive in town you’ll notice many people offering island tours, but the tours are all the same in terms of where they will take you.

Here’s the breakdown of the islands you visit on the tours:

Tour A

Big Lagoon

Small Lagoon

Simizu Island

Secret Lagoon

Commandos Beach


Tour B

Entalula Island

Pinagbuyuyan Island

Snake Island

Cudugnon Cave

Cathedral Cave

Tour C

Hidden Beach

Helicopter Island

Secret Beach

Matinloc Shrine

Star Beach


Tour D

Bukal Island

Ipil Beach

Nat-Nat Beach

Cadlao Lagoon

Paradise Beach


Scott and I decided to do two private tours and we chose Tour A and C. Both tours included a tour guide, a delicious lunch, and snorkeling gear. We decided to leave early in the morning to avoid any crowds.

We had decided to book the tours through the same agency not realizing that we should have done a little shopping around prior to that because we later found out that another company was offering the same tours for a cheaper price. My advice to you is to shop around first, and if you can, try to bargain a little (man, I’ve lived in China for too long).

We had rented a scooter for 500 PHP for the day to make our way up to Nacpan beach but because of the bad weather conditions on the way we ended up opting for a hike to Nagkalit-kalit Falls, which you can see in my video.  Many of the tricycles which basically are motorbike’s or sometimes a bicycle with an attached sidecar will offer to bring you to Nacpan beach but if you’re like us and enjoy exploring beyond those places I would suggest renting a scooter or hiring a tricycle driver for the day.

Overall it was an amazing experience and like I’ve said to my family and friends who ask me,  you NEED to go.

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Stay Restless my friends!

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