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Japan has always been one of the places on my bucket list to visit. I’ve always been fascinated by this beautiful country and October 2014 I was able to make my first real trip to Japan (not a stop over, yay!). One of my friends had suggested that we meet up in Tokyo, Japan for a few days and then fly over to Naha, Okinawa where his brother has been living for 10+ years. After my 17+ hour flight I finally landed at the Narita International Airport where I waited two hours for my friends plane to land. Once he landed, got through customs, we hopped on the Narita Express to Rappongi, Tokyo. Our ticket one way was about 3000 yen per person. We dropped our baggage off at the Asia Center Of Japan Hotel, took a quick shower and headed out to grab some food. We didn’t have to travel far to see the bustling night life of Rappongi. After we ate at a lovely sushi restaurant we walked around for a bit but my jet lag took the best of me and we headed back to the hotel and fell asleep almost immediately.

Our stay in Tokyo was pretty short, we stayed for about three days and tried to get in as many sights as possible. We visited the Roppongi Tokyo City View where The Doll Culture Exhibition was in full effect, the admission to get into was 1500 Yen, this included the Tokyo City View, Mori Art Museum and Doll Culture Exhibition. Once we realized we lost track of time we made our way on the train to Harajuku.









Once we got off the train we got lost and ended up in a beautiful park, after exploring the park we ended up the shopping area of Harajuku. Although I expected more young teenagers dressed up like the two girls in the old Gwen Stephani videos I didn’t see much girls dressed up at all. We took some photos with some people dressed up in their Cosplay outfits but that was pretty much it. Shopping in Harajuku is not cheap, the prices we’re sometimes similar to what I would pay back home for some outfits or even more. I only ended up purchasing two skirts which were about 3000 yen each.

Ever since I watched Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift I’ve always wanted to see the Shibuya Crosswalk so we made our way over after grabbing a bite to eat and just like in the movie, it was crazy busy but I loved every second of it. The bright lights of the city and the beautiful people had me in awe! We headed down the street and purchased my very first Selfie Stick (best investment ever!).




The next day we made our way over to Disney Land Tokyo.We jumped on the subway to Maihama station which was a 45 minute train ride. This was my first trip to any Disney Land so I was ecstatic, I knew before I arrived the very first thing I wanted to purchase we’re a pair of Minnie Mouse ears. They were not hard to find once we got inside and there was an abundance of stores in which you could purchase souvenirs and of course my Minnie Mouse ears. The girls in Disney Tokyo don’t play when it comes to their outfits! Even with my Minnie Mouse Ears I felt extremely under-dressed. I’ll keep this in mind the next time I visitIMG_9575










Our flight over to Okinawa was about 3 hrs, once we landed we realized the temperature difference. It was extremely warm, just the way I liked it. My friends brother who is a pro wrestler in Naha, Okinawa picked us up from the airport and our journey began. Okinawa is by far is one of my favorite islands I’ve ever been to. We spent a few days in Onna-Son where we stayed at the beautiful Hotel Monterey Okinawa Spa & Resort. We visited the fascinating Cape Maeda and had a chance to visit the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. While in Okinawa we attended the Naha Battle Fiesta where my friends brother had his wrestling match, his name is Dingo Ryukyu-Dog Cannon and he’s extremely talented! Overall we had a blast in Okinawa and Dingo and Naoko we’re amazing hosts. If you ever get a chance to go to Okinawa I would suggest checking out the Tsuboya Garden House if you’re looking for somewhere to stay, its extremely affordable and they have a lovely cafe that serves Vegan goodies!













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