Birthday in Vegas!

For my 25th birthday I decided that I wanted to celebrate it big time. Why not go to Vegas? My cousins and my friends Natalie and Erik we’re on board for this adventure. I had just returned to Toronto from Cuba in June when this trip came up so re-packing was a breeze.

When we landed, we jumped in our taxi and headed straight to the Excalibur Hotel where we were staying, since we had landed in the evening the bright lights of the Vegas strip welcomed us. We headed straight to our room, got dressed and stood in a queue for a taxi, yes a line up. I wasn’t surprised one bit because Vegas is where people go to party, gamble and have a good time.



I don’t remember much from our first night but I do remember waking up the next day and heading to the McDonald’s and Starbucks that were so conveniently located in our hotel. I ordered 20 nuggets for 5 dollars (I love America) and a grande Soy Latte.

The Excalibur Hotel had a great pool area where we were able to rent a cabana by the pool for $50 for the entire day! Our cabana was extremely beneficial because the heat in Vegas during the day was unbearable when you’re outside for too long.

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My Aunt and Uncle we’re also staying at the exact same hotel during the exact same weekend celebrating their wedding anniversary. We ended up visiting Red Rock Canyon and had a great time. It was like a bootleg Grand Canyon but I promised myself that the next time I end up in Vegas I’m visiting The Grand Canyon.

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Overall it was a great weekend and I would do it all over again. Have you ever been to Vegas? Tell me about it below 🙂

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